Thursday 20 November 2014

Ner-a-Car Parts Available

In the process of my restoration I occasionally made duplicates of parts as once tooled up for a job it is often not a great deal more effort.

Because of this I have the following parts spare and available to other owners. Note that the numbers are just to cover my tooling expenses and this is not intended to be a profit-making exercise.

A set of lamps and brackets (804, 805, 807, 808)
The electric is ready to go, the acetylene needs a burner at the moment. I could make a burner to suit a jet (readily available from eBay) if required.
These are my "best rejects". The bead on the rim isn't quite right and there are small cracks (invisible with the rims fitted) on the body lip. The brass brackets need a bit of filing and fettling, the milling cutter marks are still evident.
These were quite a lot of work and the brass isn't cheap. I would be hoping for £120 the pair.
Now sold

542 Brake Pedal Pad
Machined from mild steel, £15

Starter gear and magneto nut pair. 17 teeth (US models?)
Heat-treated EN8 steel. £22  Out of stock. Contact me for details if you need one

Starter gear and magneto nut pair. 13 teeth (UK Model A definitely)
Heat-treated EN8 steel. £22

Filler cap
UK Model A, nickel plated, supply your own horsehair packing. Sealing washer included. £30

 Light Switch
UK Model A, complete and a lot of work. £70  Sold.

Left and right pair, one set, primed. £20

Rear frame reinforcements. 
Rejects, the fixture slipped and messed up the brake-plate slot. 
This pair (servicable) £10,  (Sold) but I might be persuaded to make a good pair for £50. 

If you are interested in any of these parts, contact me by email.

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